GEOValue: an international community with focus on the value and socioeconomic impacts of geospatial information for decision making

Note the change of name from Socioeconomic Benefits Community to GEOValue to better represent our long term focus.

Vision: A community focusing on understanding benefits from geospatial and environmental information for complex socioeconomic decisions.

Geospatial information contributes to decisions by societal decision-makers, business leaders and individuals. More effective use of information is essential as issues become increasingly complex and consequences are critical for future economic and social development.

To achieve this vision, our “community” includes a wide range of natural science, social, economic, management, and communication disciplines.

Our activities address:

  • Fostering collaboration across specialties and building communication and trust across social, economic and natural sciences.
  • Developing a shared database of experiences and lessons learned,
  • Offering a glossary of terms and reference material and list of experts;
  • Creating fora for community interactions, workshops and publications.
  • Assembling a compendium of case studies and analysis methodologies
  • New methods for qualitative and quantitative analyses

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